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Who Are We?

At Catalyst Health, we serve as the spark for the person or organisation ready to gain control and build a life of energy and great health! We recognise that total wellness is at the intersection of many aspects of life.

What Drives Us?

We hold deep beliefs that we can eat and live our way to our best health, and that from today, we can all transform our lives for the better!

We are passionately committed to be long-term partners for our clients in achieving their wellness goals - whatever they may be. And because all of our professional coaches and consultants embrace their corporate heritage, we love working with organisations who want to do much more than just pay lip service to corporate health.

We also work alongside clinics and doctors to support their patients who need quality support to learn to eat right, make positive lifestyle changes and start to live healthy, active lives.

Our Approach to Holistic Health

Part Education. Part Inspiration. Total Empowerment !

Our unique approach aims to co-create long term wellness for all our clients - this is achieved primarily through education, sound advice and guided experimentation. We understand that knowledge is only as good as its implementation; so as coaches, we ensure that our clients are motivated to take action towards transforming their health.

We believe every individual's constitution, heritage, genes, lifestyle and body are unique... so each of our programmes is specifically bio-tailored to address our client's needs, concerns and goals.

For our corporate clients, our approach is similar with respect to the attention we place to honour the uniqueness of each organisation - the industry, staff profiles, nature of work and wellness journey. We work with each of our corporate clients to uncover and define the agenda that best meets its objectives for a healthy, productive workforce.

We have a network of professional health coaches and nutritionists who have deep knowledge to share and are passionate about living life in ways which exemplify their beliefs about optimal health and happiness.

At Catalyst Health…

✔ We believe in empowering ourselves through knowledge, positive change and action

✔ We like to question what we think we know

✔ We believe the body can heal itself given the right support and kindness from its owner

✔ We devote our time and energy on preventing ill-health and diseases

✔ We understand that we are what we eat, live and think

✔ We heed the Hippocratic wisdom: Let Food be Thy Medicine, and Medicine be Thy Food.

✔ We eat for fuel, nutrition and the regeneration of our cells and bodies

✔ We know that living a positive, purposeful life makes a world of difference to our health

✔ We treat every client like the special person that he/she is

✔ We serve organisations ready to take their corporate wellness up a notch to truly invest in preventive health

Understand the state of health around the world today and how we got here...


Most of us living in modern, developed economies are faced with options from grocery stores and restaurants which sell highly processed substances masquerading as food. And most are laced with sugar in all its guises. Truly, a sad state of affairs giving rise to the phenomenon of nations being "Overfed but Undernourished".

Chronic diseases are now rampant. You don’t have to look far to find someone suffering from obesity, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. Experts are now saying that about 90% of these are ‘lifestyle diseases’ related to how we live and what we eat. Well, the flip side of this bad news is actually good news! The cause is also the cure. We think you know it too.

In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 36% of American adults are now obese, and 17% of American children are too (2010). The stark truth is that obesity rates have climbed across the US population over the last several decades.

According to a NY Times report (2013), China is now going experiencing the world’s biggest diabetes epidemic. China is the home of about a third (estimated at 114 million sufferers) of the world’s diabetics, who are unfortunately at greater risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.

And here at base camp on this little island of Singapore, cancer is now the No. 1 killer (1 in 3 are cancer-related deaths), and more than 10% are diagnosed with diabetes. Many more are pre-diabetic and don’t even know it. These are alarming stats and sadly, repeated the world over as countries follow in the footsteps of the US.

And now, I think you know why we do this. Our passion is to stoke the fire within everyone we come into contact with to start paying attention to what it is we are actually feeding our bodies and how we live our lives. We only have one this time around, people!

Make it all count.

Did you know that...

  • In Singapore, the rate of obesity is climbing at 1% every year - from 6.9% in 2004 to a whopping 10.8% in 2014. That’s the shocking size of the problem.
  • Americans consume an estimated 330kg (150lbs) of sugar a year mainly through soft drink intake as well as candy and sugars. Apparently in 1822, the corresponding amount was only 45g! Sugar is now acknowledged as being as addictive as cocaine.
  • Cancer incidences have been on the rise as the country develops economically (think pollution) and its people change their lifestyles and eating habits. In Beijing now, cancer is the No. 1 killer.
  • The medical profession has stopped using the term 'adult-onset' diabetes because it is no longer the case. Many children are now pre-diabetic or have full-blown diabetes. 


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