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Headed by the Founder and Principal Consultant, Sally May Tan, our network of professional health coaches and consultants have deep knowledge to share about nutrition and wellness, and they are all passionate about living life in ways which exemplify their own beliefs about the pursuit of optimal health and happiness.

We jump out of bed each day to be that spark for our clients and motivate them towards taking steps towards a more vibrant life!

Among our coaching team are also experienced speakers and media personalities who work with organisations as facilitators and speakers. We are proud that our team has presented at major international and local conferences, and always adds a touch of wisdom to remind any audience to invest in their health.

Meet Our Coaches

  • SallyMayTan

    Sally May Tan

    Founder and Principal Consultant. Certified Health Coach, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

    Sally is a true-blue Singaporean and global citizen who has had the privilege of working outside of her home country and experiencing the world through an illustrious corporate life that spanned over 20 years.

    Through her many rewarding roles as coach, entrepreneur, scholar and corporate executive with several global multi-nationals, Sally has garnered invaluable experiences which have enriched her life in many ways.

    Sally is well-poised to do what she loves today - investing her energy to inspire, educate and empower others to take charge of their own health and wellness! We are not doomed by genetics but can make lifestyle and nutrition choices that can change our lives.

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  • CristinaR

    Cristina Ronchi

    Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Wellness Chef, Health Educator

    Italian-born Cristina is truly passionate about offering a comprehensive healthcare approach which looks at the individual in a holistic way rather than just at his/her symptoms. In line with the modern functional medicine model as well as with ancient Asian healing systems, Cristina addresses health issues from a broader perspective.

    After training as an adult educator and as a chef, Cristina gained a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of West London where she completed her clinical training. Rigorous clinical investigation allows her to identify and target the root causes of clients’ health complaints often caused by imbalances in the complex interplay between body, mind and lifestyle.

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  • ReneWright

    Rene Wright

    Certified Health Coach, Speaker, Personal Care Trainer

    South African born Rēne possesses a broad international outlook to life, having lived in 6 countries in the last 2 decades! She has both corporate and entrepreneurial experience, garnered from working with several renowned multi-national companies and investment banking firms, as well as being the owner of several health and beauty salons in the UK and Australia.

    While working with skincare companies over the years, Rēne found the beauty and skincare Industry to live up to its reputation of 'Beauty being only skin deep'.

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  • MelodyChong

    Melody Chong

    Certified Health Coach, Public Relations Consultant, Writer

    Melody found her calling in health and wellness after an illustrious career in the public relations and marketing industries. Now, she marries her passion and core competencies into helping wellness organisations with their PR efforts in the fields of health, wellness, fitness and nutrition.

    She has conducted nutrition talks and wellness workshops, contributed recipes to health blogs and conducted cooking demonstrations and classes to showcase healthy food that tastes great. The partners she has worked with include Parkway East Hospital, Lululemon, Absolute Living Group and renowned kitchen brand, Bertazzoni – La Germania.

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  • AmyDonohue

    Amy Donohue

    Certified Holistic Health Coach and Writer

    As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Amy’s goal is to not only help women improve their diet and eating habits, but also transform their relationships with themselves.

    Growing up as a dancer she put a lot of pressure on herself to look a certain way, resulting in extreme dieting, obsessing over body image and becoming critical of herself.

    It wasn't until she visited a Naturopath in her early 20's to heal some digestive issues that she started to understand that food isn’t the enemy, but actually our best medicine.

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