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Cristina Ronchi

Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Wellness Chef, Health Educator

Italian-born Cristina is truly passionate about offering a comprehensive healthcare approach which looks at the individual in a holistic way rather than just at his/her symptoms. In line with the modern functional medicine model as well as with ancient Asian healing systems, Cristina addresses health issues from a broader perspective.

After training as an adult educator and as a chef, Cristina gained a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of West London where she completed her clinical training. Rigorous clinical investigation allows her to identify and target the root causes of clients' health complaints often caused by imbalances in the complex interplay between body, mind and lifestyle.

Cristina has always been keen on widening insights into the biochemical and physiological impact of diet, lifestyle and genetic make-up on health. This led her to deepen her expertise in the field of Nutrigenomics - allowing her to focus therapeutic interventions based on epigenetic factors.

Cristina is able identify the unique ways a client responds to nutrients and thus target interventions with more precision. Her professional approach is also centred on the importance of educating clients based on their unique health needs which can only be achieved through personal empowerment.

Cristina is highly valued as a Wellness Chef with specific focus on Sports Nutrition, Brain Food, Male and Female Health, Stress Management, Detox Superfoods, and Raw Foods. Her main goal in Singapore (now her home) is making a contribution to educate people to achieving long-term wellness through a health-conscious lifestyle.

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