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NATURALLY AGELESS: Dare to Defy Age (18 June 2016 Session)

Our upcoming workshop, NATURALLY AGELESS: Dare to Defy Age will lead you straight to the latest science-based youthening information about your Mind & Body so you’ll know what is happening as the clock ticks, and help you regain youth from the inside out! We’ll help you transform the way you feel about ageing.

No one needs to grow old and compromise our way of life just because there are more candles on the cake :) Isn’t it time you know that you can turn your Biological Clock back and be told what the real secrets are for you to bring your youthfulness back…naturally?


What you’ll unlock with us in this unique workshop in just 4 hours:

  • Rejuvenate Sagging, Aging Skin
  • Banish Aches and Pains Naturally
  • Refuel your Energy Tank
  • Reverse Mental Decline
  • Regain that Youthful Body


Meet the Trainers

SMT blueSally May Tan

Certified Wellness Coach. Speaker. Best Selling Author.

Sally supports all her private and corporate clients in transforming their health – inside and out. She is a youthful and passionate ambassador despite being in ‘that’ age group and has lots of inspiring knowledge to share.



CristinaRCristina Ronchi

Certified Nutritionist and Chef.

Cristina wants to share her lifelong passion for food and health. Her clinical approach as a culinary and health educator focuses on addressing imbalances caused by shifts in the complex interplay between body, mind and lifestyle.




Cost per person S$160.00

Register here: www.NaturallyAgeless.eventbrite.sg

Don't miss the NATURALLY AGELESS workshops in Singapore (happening in June 2016)! 

Join Cristina Ronchi, Nutritionist & Chef @ NATURALLY AGELESS workshops (June 2016 in Singapore)!

Event Details

Event Date Saturday Jun 18th, 2016
Event Time 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Price Per Person SGD160.00
Venue Body with Soul
44 Rochester Park
Singapore 139248
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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