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PH360 Health Coach Course

PH360Welcome to the Future of Science, Health and Medicine.

In an age where humanity seeks answers at both the cellular level and it’s conscious counterpart, Personal Health is rapidly becoming the benchmark as we move further into the excitement and unknown of 21st century Medicine.

The advancements in Functional Medicine, the insights from Personal Genomics & Epigenetics, the shift from population Science to Personalized Health, and the wisdom of Ancient Medicines combined with Future Biotechnologies all hold an integral importance in our approach and understanding of the intricate art that is the human body.

If you are a leader in Health & Medicine, or just someone who is curious about how this field affects your understanding of your personal health…we invite you to come and join us for an evening discussing the fast-growing field of Epigenetics, and the Personalized Health assessment that provides an insight into your wellbeing no other tool does today.

Are you ready to find out about:

  • Truly personalized diets, exercise, lifestyle, and weight loss plans.
  • The technology that changes as you change.
  • The fusion of cutting edge scientific research and ancient wisdom.

Dive into an interactive presentation and test out new health technologies as you gain insight on the evolution of the field from personalized health expert Matt Riemann.


  • Advancements in personalized health.
  • Futuristic health technologies.
  • The latest findings in epigenetics.
  • How new health technologies will make your life easier.

Discover how a personalized health programme that targets your DNA’s unique needs can provide a unique roadmap to your future well-being.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Join future health expert and founder of the Ultimate Human Foundation Matt Riemann as he discusses personal health through the lens of today’s innovations and their power to transform health and medicine. In this free community education series, Matt will showcase how ph360, a revolutionary new personalized health software, provides targeted health recommendations based on genetic expression.

MattRiemannMatt Riemann, founder of the Ultimate Human Foundation, is an author, educator and world-renowned expert in the field of personalized health. He trains doctors, health practitioners, and fitness professionals around the world.

Matt is a regular speaker at health conferences, Universities, and has addressed the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and acts as an advisor to the US Army. Along with an international team of scientists, researchers, and physicians, Matt developed ph360, the world’s first personal health tool based on scientific calculations of gene expression.



Cost per person S$1029.00 / Early bird price S$739.00 (register and pay before Apr 29, 2016)
(Each participant must already complete his/her PH360 assessment before this course. Access your subscription here: http://coachsmt.ph360me.hop.clickbank.net to enjoy a complimentary 45-min PH360 coaching session with one of our consultants

*This program runs over 2 sessions: June 4 (Sat) 9.30am to 5pm + June 5 (Sun) 9.30am to 5pm.

Event Details

Event Date Saturday Jun 04th, 2016
Event End Date Sunday Jun 05th, 2016
Event Time 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Price Per Person SGD1,029.00
Venue SCWO
96 Waterloo Street
Singapore 187967
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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