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The Ageless Code: Secrets to Unlocking your Youth

ageless code-min-min The Ageless Code: Secrets to Unlocking your Youth

 1 Workshop with 4 experts who are ready to spill their deep  secrets in just 6 hours* to help you dial that clock back...way  back!

Cost per person S$200.00

If you've ever wondered, “What’s their secret?” You know, about the ones who seem to pull if off, year after year…the great skin, the lush hair, the age-defying body, the boundless energy! Then you must join us for this workshop.

The Ageless Code will be revealed as our team of health and fitness really can’t keep it a secret any longer. We’ll lead you straight to the latest science-based youthening information about the Mind, Body & Spirit so you’ll walk away knowing what is happening to you as the clock ticks, and how to remain healthy and youthful inside out! The knowledge and practice we share will transform the way you feel.

One thing’s for sure… No one needs to ‘grow old’ and decrepit (!) and compromise the way of life just because there are more candles on the cake :) If you are one of those who envisage skiing well into your 80’s, you definitely belong in our Tribe! We want and can have  it all – the quality, the longevity, the fun!

This is the workshop you won't want to miss!

Date: May 28th 2016. Time: 12.30pm to 6.30pm.

Workshop Fees: SGD200.00

Bonus #1: The first FIVE (5) people who sign up will also receive a FREE copy of the book by Sally May Tan 'Wellness, The New Luxury' (worth S$49)! 

Bonus #2: Enjoy food demonstrations of youthening recipes at the workshop! Workshop notes and refreshments will be provided.

We can't wait to be part of your youthful journey moving forward!

Meet the Experts:

Sally May Tan: Certified Wellness Coach. Speaker. Author.

Sally is the founder and principal consultant of Catalyst Health Asia. She supports her private and corporate clients in transforming their health – inside and out. She is a youthful and credible ambassador despite being  in ‘that’ age group and having experienced a few hard knocks in her life! 

Cristina Ronchi: Certified Nutritionist and Chef

Cristina wants to share her lifelong passion for food and health. Her clinical approach and work as a culinary and health educator focus on addressing the health imbalances caused by shifts in the complex interplay between body, mind and lifestyle. She is an endless source of inspiration for vibrant nutrilicious food to optimise your health and beauty.

Sonam Mehra: Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

Sonam is a fitness entreprenuer with several successful ventures under her belt including Fitness365, Small Spoon and her latest, 7 Daily Moves App which has gone viral globally. She specialises in a program titled ‘Reverse your Age, Double your Energy’.

Mallika Kripalani: Mindfulness Coach and Educator

Mallika’s previous corporate and teaching backgrounds have enabled her to appreciate that ‘still, small space’ within each of us even more. Today, she devotes her time practicing and educating others about mindfulness.

Event Details

Event Date Saturday May 28th, 2016
Event Time 12:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Price Per Person SGD200.00
Venue Body with Soul (Green Room)
44 Rochester Park, Singapore 139248
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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