Many people, despite taking supplements and consulting doctors, continue to feel exhausted all the time; some react after consuming foods such as seafood, milk or wheat; while others suffer bouts of skin rashes, constipation, diarrhoea, and symptoms like those caused by irritable bowels.

Isn’t it time to find out what's really causing your discomfort?

Food intolerances are usually 'invisible' to our senses and difficult to pinpoint, but may show through a range of slow onset symptoms such as those described above - seemingly unconnected to specific foods until you are tested.

In fact, most of us don't suspect food intolerances to be a cause until a comprehensive Type III IgG food intolerance test such as the ones offered by the ImuPro Food Intolerance Test Series. These are delayed reaction tests, different from the skin prick tests, which measures immediate reactions to different allergens.

ImuPro300 is the most comprehensive IgG test available, covering 270 food items and additives. ImuPro detects the body’s IgG antibodies that are present against the foods tested. With the comprehensive results from the ImuPro tests to identify your possible trigger foods, a comprehensive set of personal recommendations and recipes are provided to help clients manage the ongoing stressful reactions from the body and get on the path to their best health!

The test includes a 1-hour coaching session to help you decipher the findings, explain the elimination process and what to eat, as well as clarify questions you may have.

There are three levels of IMUPRO tests available:

    You will receive a detailed report comprising:-

    1. An individual report that lists those of the 90 food items in which IgG antibodies have been detected.
    2. A summary of findings that is personalised based on your test result to provide you with background information and useful guide and pointers for a successful change in your diet.

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    ImuPro200 tests for 180 foods (includes the 90 food items of ImuPro100). Foods that often constitute alternatives for foods that commonly show reactions are particularly important in this test such as gluten-free cereals, alternatives to dairy products, alternatives to chicken egg, many fish species, meat as well as many vegetables and fruits.

    You will receive a detailed report comprising:-

    1. An individual book of findings that lists those of the 180 food items in which IgG antibodies have been detected.
    2. A personalised recipe book accurately matched to your personal findings.

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    ImuPro300 tests more than 270 food items and additives(includes the 180 food items from ImuPro100 and ImuPro200). In addition to the typical kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk as well as their respective alternatives, you will also find region-specific food items. Further, a huge number of spices, semi-luxurious such as tea, coffee, wine, and also thickening agents and preservatives are also examined.

    You will receive a folder which includes:

    1. A personalized report of findings unique to you.
    2. A 4-Page summary of findings in an easy to read format.
    3. A personalised recipe book of tasty dishes that you can enjoy rotating from a huge number of recipes specially planned for you in accordance with your test findings.

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