Corporate HealthUnderstanding the ROI in employee health

Every $1 invested in employee wellness programs yields about $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity and overall health costs.
Corporate Wellness Magazine survey

At Catalyst Health, we believe no company can be truly successful without paying attention to the well-being of their people - because people can't be successful without feeling good every day! Organisations know people are their greatest assets.

Why do some companies create entire cultures around wellness, and others do not? What makes them special?

The bottom line is simply this:
Healthy People = Better Business


In order to remain competitive – not just to the external world, but also being an employer of choice – more and more organisations increasingly acknowledge the true value of having a healthier workforce. This goes beyond simply providing benefits for sick-care, but rather for preventive care.

Research* also tells us that for every $1 invested in employee wellness, the returns are four-fold! It pays off in terms of savings through reduced sick days, overall health costs and higher productivity.

For organisations which demand cutting-edge healthcare programmes, our professional team’s services run the gamut of single assignments to the strategic planning of the complete wellness programmes, usually with the HR team. executive health coaching (individual and group), Lunch & Learn talks, customised workshops (local and regional).

Our team of certified health coaches and nutritionists are equipped to provide large-scale health talks once we understand the organisation’s unique requirements.

Our Web of WellnessTM encompasses the end-to-end solutions web for any organisation (big or small!). Use this as a planning tool or as an idea bank for our discussion with your team to better understand your needs.

Web of WellnessTM
A comprehensive mutli-modal approach


We are happy to customise talks to suit your objectives and agenda. Our unique services include one-to-one and group executive health coaching with full attention and support provided by trained coaches to help the individual or group achieve their health goals sustainably.

Kick-Off Event

Workshop to engage staff, generate awareness & interest and to communicate the game plan

Lunch & Learn's

Regular lunchtime talks (30-45 minutes); Quarterly

Fitness Activities and Events

On-site yoga, pilates, taichi, meditation session: lunch hour or after work. Annual or Bi-annual company wide outdoor team fitness events

Health Consultations

By professional health coaches: On or offsite 1-on-1 executive health consultations (1st session free); Health coaching (personal or group programs)

Health Screenings

On-site or off-site (conducted by medical screening company), food intolerances/allergy testing available and online tools

Film Discussions

Health-focused documentaries with post-movie discussion, health snacks served

Food Tastings/Cooking Classes

May be held during lunch time; run by trained, conscious chefs (stoves not required)

What our Clients say

Sally May is a powerful and persuasive speaker! I thoroughly enjoyed her talk on the issue of fatigue as I got to take away many useful strategies to reboot my energy levels. I highly recommend her to any organisation that is serious about putting the health agenda at the forefront of employee welfare.

Mr James Chan
Marketing Manager, Medifast Singapore

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Our Services

Talks & Workshops

Engaging, educational and empowering sessions to motivate participants to make positive choices to transform their wellbeing! Read More

Health Coaching

Personalised, bio-tailored coaching to help our clients define specific health goals and achieve them in a sustainable way. Read More

Corporate Health

We love partnering organisations which understand that a healthy, workforce equals a happy and productive one. Read More

Allergy Testing

Not quite sick and yet, you have not felt 100% well for a while? You could be intolerant of certain food substances... Read More


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