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"Have you ever lost weight, only to find the pounds creeping back on just a few months later? Or vowed to eat a healthier diet but found it too hard to decipher food labels or set aside time to cook? Worried about your cholesterol levels but don't want to be on medication for the rest of your life because of it? If you're having trouble meeting a health goal, or if you've tried in the past and failed, you might benefit from an increasingly popular new resource-a health coach. Unlike, say, a workout buddy, a health coach is trained to help you break your goal into manageable steps, track your progress, and identify and overcome personal roadblocks," says Karen Lawson, MD, University of Minnesota.

We get asked this a lot: "What IS health coaching about?"

A Health or Wellness Coach is a trained professional who helps clients move steps closer to their health goals and supports their journey to achieve better health and vitality. Our coaches also partner organisations which are ready to go beyond paying lip service towards employee wellness and truly embrace developing a healthier, happier workforce.

To our clients, we are part teacher, mentor, cheerleader and protagonist.

Why would someone need a Wellness Coach? In reality, there are enormous gaps between knowing what being healthy means, wanting to be healthy and actually living a life that is full of energy, and free of dis-ease!

Most of us are trapped by a stressful life of over-working, under-exercising and unhealthy eating. On top of it all, the plethora of information about what to eat and avoid, what supplements work, how to exercise, sit and relax can all be confusing on a good day, and totally contradictory on a bad one!

We understand how tough it can be. So let us work with you to unravel it all and set you on an achievable path to wellness.

If you have decided to regain control of your wellbeing and are ready, able and willing to take the next step, our coaches are here to support you and facilitate positive changes, through providing you with customised, holistic advice to transform your goals into action!


What our Clients say

Taking health coaching sessions with Sally May is time, effort, and money well-spent. She is someone I consider a genuine health coach, not the self-proclaimed health coaches whom we see a lot in the market – the latter often have an agenda of offering their supplement products.

When we first started, she did a proper and thorough personal assessment in all aspects of my life, not just health. Once that was sorted out, she helped me... Read more

Mr. A. Setiabudi, late 20s, Indonesian, based in Singapore
Business owner

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