Talks & Workshops Reflection and action through education

At Catalyst Health, we understand the challenges at a personal level when we choose to follow the beat of our own nutritional drum and eat right for a healthy mind and body, and to make conscious, mindful choices everyday! Our talks and workshops are designed to educate, inspire and empower participants to take action for wellness.

Our speakers deliver energising and inspiring talks & workshops that span a wide range of topics, from nutritional tips to time-challenged executives, reversing ageing from within to discerning real food from the fake.

These are some of the talks and workshops we do:

  1. Ready for an Energy Reboot?
  2. Real or Fake – Can You Tell?
  3. Busting the Myth Series
  4. Age-Defying Nutrition
  5. Win the Blood Sugar Battle
  6. Resilience and Happiness: Strategies for Coping with Stress
  7. We are What we Eat: Understanding Food Energetics
  8. The Psychology of Eating: Understand Your Relationship with Food

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Age Defying Nutrition

You will be amazed by your own body’s ability to regenerate, and more critically, your role in helping yourself look good and feel great at any age! You will know the nutrition secrets of centenarians and follow in their healthy footsteps…easier than you think!


Busting the Myths Series

You will question what you have been told, and will be armed with the truths big companies with big budgets don’t want you to know about your food, drugs and your health. It’s time to lift the lid off the misleading information out there that is harming our health.


Mental Health and Resilience

You will recognize the problems at home and work that are often swept under the carpet, which truly impact personal and organizational health. You will understand what triggers stress and quickly learn how to cope or help someone manage its negative impact on personal performance and happiness.


Ready for an Energy Reboot

You will be able to understand why the daily energy yo-yo’s happen and how to prevent them, as well as the knowledge to incorporate simple changes to ensure you will never be a slave to low energy nor cravings that don’t serve you!


The Real Food Challenge

You will be armed with precious knowledge about your body’s needs for real nutrition, and critically, how to spot the fakes! Be a smarter food hunter, and be empowered to make the changes you need to treat your body right! Eat Real Food…for you optimal health.


Win the Blood Sugar War

You will be aware of the dangers of sugar in its many guises, and why taking control over your blood sugar highs and lows is a key pillar to long-term sustainable health. Useful reminders will help you succeed in your day-to-day life - one where you will no longer be a sugar addict.


Our Services

Talks & Workshops

Engaging, educational and empowering sessions to motivate participants to make positive choices to transform their wellbeing! Read More

Health Coaching

Personalised, bio-tailored coaching to help our clients define specific health goals and achieve them in a sustainable way. Read More

Corporate Health

We love partnering organisations which understand that a healthy, workforce equals a happy and productive one. Read More

Allergy Testing

Not quite sick and yet, you have not felt 100% well for a while? You could be intolerant of certain food substances... Read More


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