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This is the age where we are not only able to take our health seriously…we can take it very personally!

You know you are unique – your mind, body, personality, spirit. How you show up in the world today is a combination of your genetic blueprint (DNA), which contains the ‘life instructions’ that direct your cell’s activities and your lifestyle and diet choices.

Research in the field of epigenetics now informs us that certain circumstances in life can cause genes to be silenced or expressed over time. What you eat, where you live, who you interact with, when you sleep, how you exercise, and age – all of these can eventually cause chemical modifications around the genes that will turn them on or off over time.

This is fantastic news!

We are not doomed by our genes and need to understand that there is much we can do in the choices we make every day, day after day, that will make a difference to how our genes express themselves or have undesirable states of dis-ease reversed.

So, it doesn’t take much to surmise that when it comes to your wellbeing, a blunt one-size-fits-all strategy will not work for you.

Wouldn’t you now like to know more about the real YOU?

Meet PH360 – the portal to self-discovery

PH360 is the world’s first online assessment tool based on epigenetics that approaches your Personal Health from a 360-degree perspective –you no longer need to be treated like everyone else! And there is nothing that makes your personal health more accessible to you like PH360 does!

Your Body Profile and Lifestyle Preferences will reveal everything from the foods likely to increase your metabolism, to the exercise most effective for your body type, to the environments and careers most conducive to your total wellbeing.


Based on your unique phenotypic and epigenetic makeup, PH360 provides practical, actionable recommendations for the way you eat, play, move, think, live, work and love! Learn how PH360 can help the way you:


Ever wondered why you think or feel the way you do? It’s related to your neurotransmitters, the hormones and chemicals that allow your brain cells to communicate! Every brain is unique - you may have high norepinephrine, or low oxytocin. PH360 can help identify your hormonal tendencies so you can simply and naturally balance the activity of these neurotransmitters and discover your optimal conditions for sleeping, breathing, mindfulness, and more!


Have you ever wondered why diets don’t work? Do you have cravings you just can’t understand? PH360 will help you discover your body’s specific needs throughout the day, based on your unique Body Profile. Learn which foods will balance your hormones and metabolism, and discover the best times of day to eat. Let PH360 take the guesswork out of healthy eating – know what to eat, when to eat it, what to avoid, and how best to prepare your meals or order at a restaurant.


Different bodies need different kinds of exercise to look and feel their best. When you workout with your Body Profile in mind, it just feels right. Identify the fitness goals most important to you, and follow PH360’s suggestions for your specific body, environment, health and mental state, and personal history. With exercises targeted to your unique Body Profile, you can reach your goals faster and have more fun in the process!


You know that the environment affects your health, whether you are feeling drained by pollution or energized by a walk in nature. Geomedicine, the study of the environment on health, goes even deeper, showing that different Body Profiles perform optimally in different environments. To be at your healthiest, let PH360 help you make simple modifications to your home, your workplace, and even where you vacation.


Different Body Profiles have unique ways of regulating mood, aggressiveness, and even introversion and extroversion. PH360 will help you pinpoint the social interactions that give your body a healthy boost and those that stress you out. Understanding how you best socialize and communicate will help you make choices that boost your overall sense of wellbeing and balance your “feel good” hormones and neurotransmitters.


Imagine if you had a job you loved because it allowed you to work with your natural talents rather than against them? Choosing a career path can be daunting, but ph360 will help you discover the workspace and conditions for your optimal productivity, creativity, and fulfillment. According to your unique Body Profile, you can transform your workspace into a positive, personalized space that motivates you to success!

What to expect with PH360

The user-friendly PH360 online assessment is designed to allow you to share important aspects of your lifestyle and other physical expressions easily. Most people take about 15-20 minutes to complete the assessment and you can do this in the comfort of your home! All you need is a measuring tape and weighing scale.

Once you reveal yourself to PH360, the whole world of possibilities to achieve your best wellbeing is open to you!


I don't believe it! I have been on a low-carb plan for the longest time, trying to lose the last five pounds and having taken the advice from PH360 about potatoes being good for my Body Type, guess what? I dropped 3 kg when I added potatoes back to my diet in the last 10 days...unbelievable.



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