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Rene Wright

Certified Health Coach, Speaker, Personal Care Trainer

South African born Rēne possesses a broad international outlook to life, having lived in 6 countries in the last 2 decades! She has both corporate and entrepreneurial experience, garnered from working with several renowned multi-national companies and investment banking firms, as well as being the owner of several health and beauty salons in the UK and Australia.

While working with skincare companies over the years, Rēne found the beauty and skincare Industry to live up to its reputation of ‘Beauty being only skin deep’.  Her passion and interest in nutrition developed when she started noticing allergies and eczema caused by the harmful ingredients used in many skincare products - this led her to try natural alternatives to heal her skin and body from the inside out! She then deepened her knowledge through the use of proper nutrition and supplements to help herself and others.  Rēne also discovered that changes in her lifestyle had dramatic positive impact on her health.  There was then no turning back, and she has since made it her mission to share this valuable information with others.

Rēne is also a mother of 3 children of different ages.  In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, cycling, cooking, researching, reading and blogging.  She loves to travel with her family and learn about traditional diets and food from the regions she travels to. She is now based in Singapore with her family.

Rēne is a certified holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and also holds an Esthetician (Beauty) Diploma with C.I.D.E.S.C.O, S.a.i.b.t.h, CIBTAC certification through the renowned Jill Farqhurson College in South Africa.

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