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  • Wellness The New Luxury: Brand New Book by Sally May Tan

    Wellness The New Luxury: Brand New Book by Sally May TanIn Wellness, The New Luxury, Sally May Tan expands our minds and shares her secrets to living a powerfully successful life without having to sacrifice personal wellness for wealth. It's a new paradigm to truly having it all! She reveals how you can live an inspired life built on the foundation of your true wealth and be the best version of yourself. This book is a gift to those who know that genuine success goes beyond accumulating material luxuries, and addresses the head and heart of the real issue of what’s valuable in life... teaching her readers how to ultimately win in the wellness game.

    #Youtube - Wellness The New Luxury: Brand New Book by Sally May Tan

  • Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 Singapore Premier Highlights

    Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 Singapore Premier HighlightsAfter a successful premier of Joe Cross's Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 in Vivo City, Singapore, check out some of the highlights of the event premier on 3rd December 2015! Proudly organised by Catalyst Health Asia.

    #Youtube - Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 Singapore Premier Highlights

  • Interview with Joe Cross: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

    Interview with Joe Cross: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 Singapore PremiereCatalyst Health Asia's Founder and Principal Consultant, Sally May Tan, had the privilege to speak to Joe Cross - the star of his juice fast documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead about his Singapore Premier of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 on 3rd December 2014 at Vivo City.

    #Youtube - Interview with Joe Cross: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

  • Is Sugar Toxic

    Is Sugar ToxicSugar has slowly but surely crept into our collective diets around the world in the last few decades. Sugar is everywhere - and in places you'd least expect it! It is disguised behind many names in many processed and away-from-home foods. The World Health Organisation has recently issued a new directive to drastically reduce our daily intake to 5 teaspoons a day or less - even for those who do not consciously sweeten any drinks or food, know that whether you like it or not, you relinquish control once you eat out or buy packaged foods. There is even sugar in cigarettes, believe it or not!

    #Youtube - Is Sugar Toxic

  • 6 Reasons You Should Avoid Dairy

    Is Sugar ToxicThis is one tricky conversation us coaches here at Catalyst Health have with our clients all the time! It's one of those 'pulling the rug off someone's feet' type of discussion. Know that the dairy industry has been very very successful in its marketing efforts since the 1950's in telling us we need to drink milk from a different species of mammals, and that we need it for calcium. Are you prepared to question what you know?

    #Youtube - 6 Reasons You Should Avoid Dairy

  • The Power Of Lifestyle Changes And Love

    Is Sugar ToxicOften, we don't think of the effect our food, emotions and other lifestyle choices have on our true health. 95% of all chronic illnesses today are caused by these choices we make day to day, not by genes. Lifestyle changes not only help prevent diseases but can also reverse them. Team Catalyst believes our bodies can heal themselves. And you? Please listen to Dr. Dean Ornish - he is worth your time.

    #Youtube - The Power Of Lifestyle Changes And Love

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