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  • Monalisa Han, Indonesian
    Financial Planner

    Every session with Sally is always stimulating and enriching. She helps me understand the importance of eating right - and especially what micronutrients are and what they do! I especially love the cheat sheets she shares with me that are so practical...

    The biggest change after completing the coaching programme with her is the awareness of what I’m putting into and doing with my body, soul and mind. And now, the new habits come naturally and have become my lifestyle today.

    Thank you, Sally, for being my coach!

  • Alfredo Setiabudi, Indonesian
    Business owner

    Taking health coaching sessions with Sally May is time, effort, and money well-spent. She is someone I consider a genuine health coach, not the self-proclaimed health coaches whom we see a lot in the market - the latter often have an agenda of offering their supplement products.

    When we first started, she did a proper and thorough personal assessment in all aspects of my life, not just health. Once that was sorted out, she helped me put everything in my own order of importance, which enabled me to focus during our health coaching sessions. I believe this is a critical step in bringing up the effectiveness of the sessions.

    Understanding that everyone should step up their progress in improving their health at their own pace to ensure sustainability, Sally May collected as much information as possible from me to understand my preferences and level of comfort. From there, she gave me relevant information to help me improve my health and lifestyle. It does not stop there; she also gave me the basic building blocks to make sure I know how to progress in the future.

    I would recommend anyone who wants to make changes to his/her health condition or lifestyle to meet Sally May. After all, our body is our own responsibility.

    By the way, I am a perfectly healthy young man who always gets perfect scores in general check-ups. Given that I’ve gleaned so much from Sally May’s health coaching sessions, it proves that even a seemingly healthy person has so much more to learn when it comes to health!

  • Lee Lee Ken, Singaporean
    General manager, Global MNC

    I have known Sally May both as a business associate and as a friend for over 20 years. Since as far back as the early 1990s, Sally May has been a conscientious and active practitioner of healthy eating and living. Her holistic approach towards healthy living includes exercise, for which she makes time at least two to three times a week. Sally May ensures her kids are involved as well - this way, keeping fit becomes an enjoyable process as it encompasses bonding time with her family and loved ones.

    A true role model when it comes to sticking out for what she believes in, she reads widely and extensively about health and nutrition, and even recently took up and successfully completed a professional course on the subject despite her packed schedule. When I asked her why she’s still busying herself with all this information when she is fully qualified to provide coaching services, she told me she hopes to be a responsible and knowledgeable provider of health offerings and solutions to her clients and guide them in making the right food choices. Well, what can I say? With her fierce dedication towards healthy living and helping others enhance the quality of their lives, I'm positive she already is one.

  • Stella Bradshaw, Singaporean, former Investment Banker
    Homemaker, mother of two

    Talking with Sally May was an eye-opening experience. To begin with, completing the health history form made me aware of my (bad) habits and certain patterns in my health issues. After the in-depth discussion, I was shocked at how much I did not know about my own health! I never knew how crucial the role of nutrition is. Sally May's guidance is valuable and useful in highlighting the future consequences of my current habits, as well aswhat I have to do to improve my health and well-being. It was well worth the investment in time spent with her; without health, nothing else matters.

  • James Chan, Singaporean
    Marketing manager Medifast Singapore

    Sally May is a powerful and persuasive speaker! I thoroughly enjoyed her talk on the issue of fatigue as I got to take away many useful strategies to reboot my energy levels. I highly recommend her to any organisation that is serious about putting the health agenda at the forefront of employee welfare.

  • Melissa Fahlman, Canadian, Education Professional
    International Baccalaureate Organization

    Sally May, Founder of Catalyst Health, delivered an informative and inspiring presentation about the benefits of staying active and energetic in an office environment to the employees of the International Baccalaureate, Singapore. Her knowledge and enthusiasm as a health coach was very apparent, as was her genuine and caring nature that easily allows her to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

    I would welcome the opportunity to bring Sally in for subsequent health talks and would recommend her to others looking to bring a health and wellness focus to their corporate culture.

  • Angie Lai, Singaporean
    HR Professional

    Dear Sally May,

    Thank you for being such an amazing and awesome coach! I have learned a lot from you and Amy. Now is time for me to walk the journey and I will get back to you whenever I need more support and guidance...

  • Esther Isaiah, Indian
    Freelance Writer

    I found the lunch-time talks on various aspects of nutrition very enriching and beneficial. The topics discussed were really relevant and more importantly, the helpful advice was made easy so I can apply them straightaway!

    For example on the topic on sugar, I was able to discover how much sugar was really hidden in some of the foods that I had thought to be healthy, but actually were not.

    I really enjoyed the style of presentation; both the speakers Sally May and Réne were very knowledgeable and they made the information easy to understand and incorporate into daily life.

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